Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I am sorry

"I am sorry". That is the most simple word that you should say when you had done something wrong and hurt the feeling of someone- intentionally or unintentionally.
But sometimes people don't look it seriously.Well, maybe because we are use to with the character of person hurts or may be the small self or ego that 'zipped' the lips to say "I am sorry"? Or perhaps maybe the one that hurts initially caused it?
Don't we feel guilty or regret for life if suddenly the one that hurts passed away and we yet to say "I am sorry"?

Will we loose our pride or dignity by saying "I am sorry" for the sake of better relationship?
The scar may cut deep in the heart but the the guts to say "I am sorry" towards the mistakes we made is an act of wisdom.

With love we are connected. With love, we forgive and forget!
Love you all!

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