Saturday, July 25, 2009

Good Customer Care at car SC

Taking care of customer in automotive service centre (SC) is very important as it is the post sales activity that will reflect the image of the company.
What will you do while waiting for your car being service at the SC? The answer depends on the SC.Main SC usually will provide basic things - mags,newspaper & TV.Usually it's comfort environment.
I had been to a few SC such as Perodua,Proton,Toyota and Suzuki. I can evaluate and rank which is the best base on how they really taking care and pampered their customers.
This morning I went with Along to send her Hyundai i10 at Glenmarie, Shah Alam for the 1,000km service. Besides of spacious waiting area, there are F&B that really surprised us.They provide kuih and nasi lemak! You may choose your instant drinks (self-service) either coffee,milo or tea too. Toyota in other hand, (SC Shamelin) thus provides tea lady to serve you drinks and biscuits which i felt worth waiting too as the room/ambience made you comfortable and relax! The rest SC... hemm..i reserve my comments especially Suzuki SC at Desa Tun Razak!
My point is some SC seems not really concern on how to provide good customer care.Most of it don't even consider to provde internet wireless connection for clients to spend their precious hours while waiting of their cars.Some have their water dispenser with empty bottle!
What is extra of one thousand ringgit monthly compare to the time and money that the LOYAL customers had to spend to the company??

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