Monday, July 20, 2009

Guest from Jakarta

Daughters of my friend from Jakarta, Pak Zulfius, came to Kuala Lumpur from 14th to 19th.Since I'm busy with works that need me to stay back at the office, I unable to meet them ahead as planned.A little bit reluctant.

My wife, daughter - Sufiah and I met his pretty daughters only on Saturday - after 4 days in Concorde, site seeing and window shopping around KL.My appology.
I found out they are 'cool' (tenang) especially Dewi the 2nd siblings of 3.Nita, the youngest seems happy type but yet quiet.
We went to KL Birds Park, Islamic Arts Museum of M'sia and Petaling Street. We had a great time. On their last day, after having lunch,we only able to visit Putrajaya but quite rushing since we need to arrive to LCCT airport before 5.00pm.Thus we only spent lots of time at the masjid Putrajaya area.Again, I'm quite regret.
Hope they will come again either both of them, with family or friends so that my wife and I can provide better hospitality.
Wish they back to Jakarta with sweet memorable.


  1. aslkm..

    uwah..uwah..tiba2 aja ning dr indon mampir ke sini kok..? ngapa nggak introduce sama saya pak?!


    p/s- saya ada beri komentar sama entri2 bapak di bawah.. tp ngapa ya enggak ada di ruang komentar itu iya..?

  2. saya ngak tahu bagaimana mahu diberi kelihatan entrinya itu...bisa ngajar sih?